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What do you need? We sell… Home, Auto, Life Insurance, Business/Commercial, Rentals, Motorcycle, RV’s, Boats, Power Sports, Pet, Canine Liability, Annuities & Specialty Insurance. We can provide for all of your needs in many locations & more!

At Rick Galster III Insurance Agency our agents are dedicated to delivering exceptional-quality insurance products to businesses and individuals throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Whether you are in need of insurance for your budding business or coverage when you hit the trails on your ATV our team has the solutions you’re looking for. We are eager to create lasting relationships with each of our clients by creating individualized coverage that treats you like a person, not a policy number. We frown on the industries overall lack of detail and their true inability to put people first. Agents and insurance companies alike forget that at one time each member or client trusted their insurance carrier and/or agent with everything they work for. This includes the safety of their families and their future. NOT US… We as an agency stay humble and understand every phone call and situation is extremely important to the person on the line or in the office that day.

At this agency you will always get the effort you deserve.

Wilmington, DE
Auto Insurance


At Rick Galster III Insurance Agency we offer a wide range of car insurance policies that will ensure you and your family are completely covered. Just as with the majority of insurance policies, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” auto insurance plan – each individual has unique needs, whether you are searching for comprehensive coverage with add-ons or you are just looking to cover the basics. We offer coverage for all drivers, even new drivers, so that you can ensure you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable in the case of an accident. Give our agents a call today and we will guide you through the options.


Are you in the process of buying a new home? Do you believe you are overpaying for insurance and are considering re-evaluating your current home insurance policy? Galster Insurance Agency can help! We will take the time to understand your wants and needs when it comes to your home insurance plan. Protect yourself, your family, and your belongings in cases of theft, personal injury, natural disaster, and more with our wide variety of home insurance options.

Home Insurance
Life Insurance


As your personal situations change (i.e., marriage, birth of a child or job promotion) so will your life insurance needs. Care should be taken to ensure these strategies and products are suitable for your long-term life insurance needs. You should discuss your families needs in the event something were to happen that may include household monthly operating expense, car loans or home mortgage, college funds or a number of other unique expenses that all of our families have. Tell us how you want us to protect your family and we will design a plan to fit the needs as well as the budget.


No matter the size of your business or the industry you work within, Rick Galster III Insurance Agency can provide the complete coverage you’re looking for. From business owners policies to industry-specific plans to workers’ compensation, general liability, and more, our business insurance experts can help you to account for your risks and minimize the chance of losses. To get a competitive business insurance quote that will help you obtain the maximum value for your investment, get in touch with us today.

Business Insurance

Get the facts

We do NOT work for nor are we employed by any of the carriers we sell or service policies through. Our insurance agency is privately owned and we sell insurance carriers products like a grocery store. For example: A grocery store sells cake mix. A grocery store does not make or package the product. It sells the product to the consumer and keeps a very small fee. This is reason we care so deeply about your comfort level with your policies. If you cancel it only hurts us locally. It affects us directly. YOU ARE OUR PRIORITY! Without our members we do not have jobs we cannot pay bills or hope to save for retirement. Without you we have no reason to come to work. We want you to understand when you call us with a concern we are going to do everything in our power to help get the issue resolved. In life no one cares unless they have skin in the game. We do.

Reviews & pricing realities

Insurance prices are going to fluctuate consistently over time. Some policies not at all, but some more than others, and for no apparent reason, it would appear. It can be a frustrating process. Industry-wide premiums get affected for many reasons. Some reasons are market-related. Some reasons are unique to the person and their policy characteristics. Some are due to industry changes such as insurance companies now having to repair backup cameras, wifi, Bluetooth, and the other numerous options that get damaged in an accident. That does not include the labor and time it costs to repair these amenities to make your vehicle drivable and functional again. Also, take into account the severely significant increase in accidents and damages to property from inattentive driving such as texting while driving. These are actions and issues we do not think about or forget about from time to time but are all guilty of. As an agency, we cannot control pricing nor have the power to just change premiums. That said… we have spent several years developing our review process and pride ourselves on our ability to maximize the value of your dollar. We are educated and experienced in this industry and will give it to you straight whether it is in your best interest or not. If pricing gets you thinking…call us!

Let us do what we can.

Not happy with your policy or insurance companies pricing, claims or service? If you like our agency let us shop it for you.

Times have changed… Due to our success and relationships in the market we can quote and sell many different insurance carriers. Don’t feel like you are trapped in a policy. If you like us your local agent or you would like us to be and are uncomfortable with your current situation or insurance carrier, call us!

Give us the opportunity to be your guide. In most all cases we can provide proper guidance, answer questions regarding industry misconceptions and help alleviate current policy concerns. We can also shop multiple carriers to see if we can get you into a policy you love or at least provide you proof that your current coverage and pricing are right in line with the market for your current situation. Facts are each household is unique and each particular carrier or insurance company has a particular appetite. For instance, just because your neighbor, brother or friend pays a particular price that has no relevance to your insurance journey. In our agency we understand the industry. We understand the carriers we write through make the guidelines and rules. We as an agency stay relevant and use those guidelines to create a comfortable platform for our members and clients to exist. Is the industry perfect? Absolutely not! There are situations that occur daily that are just out of our control, just like in life. Staying relevant and educated in the industry, understanding the client their needs and their budget and actually caring about it is the difference. Some agencies feed you what you want to hear. Don’t expect that here.

This is business never personal and sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get the best numbers! You just need to know how to work the system to make things work for you. Let us be your guide. If you have a concern, give us a chance to make it right. If you don’t call we won’t know of your issue nor can we help.

At Rick Galster III Insurance Agency, our agents are dedicated to delivering exceptional-quality insurance products to businesses and individuals throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Whether you are in need of insurance for your budding business or coverage when you hit the trails on your ATV, our team has the solutions you’re looking for. At this agency, you will always get the effort you deserve.

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